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CG Contractors Association has been a pioneer to its member units since many years and has been successfully working to cite good relations with other contractors and Government. We have come up with 'Vision 2016-2017' to bring in more reforms in our activities. We envision growing itself and extensively covering a large number of association members across chhattisgarh and making them our members.

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संस्था का नाम: छतीसगढ़ कांटेªक्टर्स एसोसियेशन संस्था का कार्यालय: सिरपुर भवन, आकाशवाणी के पाछे, कटोरा तालाब, रायपुर तहसील - रायपुर, जिला - रायपुर छतीसगढ़।

Vission & Mission

India's leading contractors association creating a better world for its members, society and country.


छत्तीसगढ़ कॉन्ट्रेक्टर्स एसोसिएशन हर हाथ में काम अच्छे रेट , अच्छा काम ........


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